Communication between VM in different network of same tenant possible ?

asked 2015-02-20 05:19:37 -0500

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I created 2 networks in a same tenant in icehouse-openstack setup. Namely network GREEN ( & RED ( in same tenant and created Router called COMMON-ROUTER which has both GREEN & RED network as interface & another external network (ext-net) as a gateway.

Now my question is, Does VM created in GREEN network can ping VM created in RED network ? Is there any possible way to do this ?

Kindly help me with answers.

Thanks in advance

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Yes. It is possible. Please try below steps:

Make sure you do the following :

Add bridge br-ex

Specify br-ex in /etc/neutron/l3_agent.ini file as below :

external_network_bridge = br-ex

Restart neutron l3 agent

Hope this helps!!!

teju gravatar imageteju ( 2015-02-23 00:59:08 -0500 )edit