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Failed storing info cache

asked 2015-02-20 03:35:47 -0500

kobo gravatar image

Hi, got this ERROR when creating new instance and attaching volume to it.


2015-02-20 11:10:18.543 22161 ERROR [-] [instance: 132ad82d-df01-4de8-96ac-b7ff3d0ca8d9] Failed storing info cache
2015-02-20 11:10:18.841 22161 ERROR [-] [instance: a165015f-c701-45ba-82df-98dadd2e11e8] Failed storing info cache
2015-02-20 11:10:19.015 22161 ERROR [-] [instance: 86da23ca-e493-47e2-bb73-3c2d0e7ea529] Failed storing info cache
2015-02-20 11:13:11.214 22161 ERROR nova.openstack.common.periodic_task [-] Error during ComputeManager._run_image_cache_manager_pass: No JSON object could be decoded

those errors are on all of the compute nodes (2)

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answered 2015-03-05 06:45:33 -0500

kobo gravatar image

solution: ISCSI was blocked from the second compute node, once I added the second compute node to iptables issue resolved.

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