Error received from ovsdb monitor [closed]

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I have a three node setup of openstack installation. All these three nodes are running on virtual machines. I am following the instructions given in

I am not able to see openvswitch running on compute on my controller node as mentioned in the document. neutron agent-list doesn't contain any neutron-openvswitch-agent running on compute node

this is the log on my compute node openvswitch-agent.log I also get the warning "WARNING neutron.plugins.openvswitch.agent.ovs_neutron_agent [req-ef6e49dd-3876-4e71-a6cd-baa67707f378 None] Unable to create tunnel port. Invalid remote IP: INSTANCE_TUNNELS_INTERFACE_IP_ADDRESS"

I have replaced INSTANCE_TUNNELS_INTERFACE_IP_ADDRESS with compute node's ip address (I have only one interface on my VM. So, I gave it the only ip address my compute node has). For the first time when I ran I forgot to replace it with the ip address. But, later even after replacing it, I get this warning

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