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im able to ping between instance to external gateway of my router but im not able to ping google from my instance

asked 2015-02-19 07:33:14 -0500

updated 2015-02-19 23:27:01 -0500

Recently im installed devstack ice-house by using the link ( using single interface config

im able to create external network and internal network also able to create the instance

my instance ping the router interface of both internal and external but im not able to ping the base machine ( which openstack was installed machine )

and also im not able to set the external network gateway in router GUI mode

pls give suggestion to ping google from my instance

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answered 2015-02-19 07:43:15 -0500

Hi vignesh, may be this is due to VM is blocking the data, Once run this command

#   iptables -F

in the VM and check it once by using

  ping VM_ip-address
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answered 2015-02-19 22:35:57 -0500

updated 2015-02-19 22:48:20 -0500

Thanks both of you for the reply but i had done the both things but cant get the instance out

This is the URL i followed to create the network in GUI mode (

In that URL (See Figure 23) SET GATEWAY for the external network

Im not able to set the external gateway ( Getting the error )

but my router interfaces both are UP only

please give suggestion to create the flat network or VLAN based network to access the google from instance

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did you add the two rules (All ICMP and SSH) through the horizon to that VM?

For connecting and accessing the VM we have to add those two rules.

Saikiran Veeravarapu gravatar imageSaikiran Veeravarapu ( 2015-02-20 03:38:29 -0500 )edit

answered 2015-02-19 07:42:02 -0500

hey there,

to access the internet from an instance do the following things from the host machine

sudo iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o eth0 -j MASQUERADE
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And be sure that you has enabled ip forwarding via sysctl.conf file


and try to check your resolv.conf file if it empty you need to add at least one nameserver record, for example


Pavel Kutishchev gravatar imagePavel Kutishchev ( 2015-02-20 11:41:09 -0500 )edit

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