xenserver first, then Ubuntu 13.04 Openstack? Help

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I am extremely confused. I read an article stating that xenserver should be installed then openstack on top of it. I get that...but ubuntu 13.04 comes with Openstack and also I believe the openstack can spawn Xen VMs. How does that work? A xen vm on top of Openstack on top of Xenserver hypervisor? Isn't there a performance hit? or am I not getting this right? Or was there a change in philosophies after some time? Which is the correct way to be able to use the Openstack cloud infrastructure and have Xen and KVM VM's work optimally? My goal is to learn and use the Openstack infrastructure and be able to utilize VM's on about 3 nodes with shared resources. Maybe the Xenserver baseline is not a necessity in this case.

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answered 2013-10-21 08:31:43 -0600

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Do you need install a PV machine with nova-compute for each Xenserver of your ambient.

See the guide on Openstack Docs.

Each XenServer Machine (Hypervisor) need one PV(ParaVirtualized VM) with nova-compute. You cannot install nova compute directed in the Xenserver Dom0, you need install nova-compute at domU (VM PV as I say above).


Xenserver HOST1 (Hypervisor Dom0)
    VM1 (Opensack Controller [nova, glance, horizon, keystone, etc])
    VM2 (Openstak Network [ neutron ])
    VM3 (PV Machine with nova-compute [domU])

Xenserver HOST2 (Hypervisor Dom0)
    VM1 (PV Machine with nova-compute [domU])

Xenserver HOST3 (Hypervisor Dom0)
    VM1 (PV Machine with nova-compute [domU])

See more details at openstack compute docs (introduction-to-xen.html)

I hope it has helped you.

Please, see the other question: https://ask.openstack.org/en/question/4074/how-do-i-configure-openstack-to-work-with-multiple-xenservers/#5097

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Wish I could mark the answer as correct. You can easily use the Ubuntu installation of OpenStack - just disable KVM, change the Nova driver to xenapi and set the connection URL to the XenServer you are running on top of.

Bob Ball gravatar imageBob Ball ( 2013-11-12 09:28:34 -0600 )edit

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