For me, which network option I should use

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I am new to openstack. I start installing it by devstack on an single node. It works. Now I want a multi-node env. I have four physical servers in university with public ip and all connected to a router. Each server have two NICs. My requirement is that all created instance can access the internet and other created instance. And I also wish live-migration of instance between nodes.

Which network option is good for me? How to configure?

I use devstack to set a multi-node env before. But instance's ip is 10.0.0.x and cannot access the internet and other instances. The eth1 slaved by a bridge created by my college. I saw the br100 created by devstack slave eth0 which does connected to router yet.

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answered 2015-02-16 23:08:32 -0600

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Since, you are new to openstack. Prefer to configure nova-network first. Which is much easier than neutron-network.

The nova-network service enables you to deploy one network type per instance and is suitable for basic network functionality.

You can access other local instance and internet using this nova-network.

Reffer this link to configure Nova-network.

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