"Client disconnected on read" error

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We are having an intermittent problem with our cloud system. We are reading the data from .Net applications and also from PHP.

Very occasionally the reading application hangs (either a webservice on a web server, PHP code on the webserver or even a console application on my workstation) and eventually returns a Timeout exception - whilst at the same time we get a Client Disconnected on read error (Example is proxy-server Client disconnected on read (txn: tx61887e16cc49422fa44f1695c8be34d6) (client_ip: ..........)) in /var/log/messages

This is proving hard to track because the error isn't easily repeatable - it is intermittent - but causes huge problems when it does occur.

What would be the cause of this error - and/or is there any way we can reduce the timeout exception length?

We have coded around this issue by making all requests to the cloud in a separate thread which we abort if it doesn't return within 2seconds and we retry - and the retry usually works straight away. This has caused further problems upstream though as all those aborted threads take up resources until the http connection times-out.

Any suggestions gratefully received. M

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