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Devstack problem

asked 2015-02-15 03:55:31 -0500

bondbondbond gravatar image

updated 2015-02-16 22:42:27 -0500

Moe gravatar image

I meet a error message when run which is "+

cinder type-create lvmdriver-1
ERROR: Conflict (HTTP 409) (Request-ID: req-f11972d9-a2ba-44db-baf0-b145c9b182ba)
++ err_trap


I use the same command to get the debuge message, but don't understand what is the problem?

dd@dd-server3 ~/devstack $ cinder --debug type-create lvmdriver-1
DEBUG:keystoneclient.session:REQ: curl -g -i --cacert "/opt/stack/data/CA/int-ca/ca-chain.pem" -X GET http://ip:5000/v2.0 -H "Accept: application/json" -H "User-Agent: python-keystoneclient"
DEBUG:keystoneclient.session:RESP: [200] date: Sun, 15 Feb 2015 09:49:04 GMT vary: X-Auth-Token content-length: 340 content-type: application/json server: Apache/2.4.7 (Ubuntu) 
RESP BODY: {"version": {"status": "stable", "updated": "2014-04-17T00:00:00Z", "media-types": [{"base": "application/json", "type": "application/vnd.openstack.identity-v2.0+json"}], "id": "v2.0", "links": [{"href": "http://ip:5000/v2.0/", "rel": "self"}, {"href": "", "type": "text/html", "rel": "describedby"}]}}

DEBUG:keystoneclient.auth.identity.v2:Making authentication request to http://ip:5000/v2.0/tokens
DEBUG:keystoneclient.session:REQ: curl -g -i --cacert "/opt/stack/data/CA/int-ca/ca-chain.pem" -X POST http://ip:8776/v2/3b0bf3283c9e44d6976305cbb5f4c8d7/types -H "User-Agent: python-cinderclient" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "Accept: application/json" -H "X-Auth-Token: {SHA1}ced418aa81a683f89be48ce0897c2bbb4b6f2236" -d '{"volume_type": {"name": "lvmdriver-1"}}'
DEBUG:keystoneclient.session:Request returned failure status: 409
ERROR: Conflict (HTTP 409) (Request-ID: req-e0508635-9adf-48e4-a767-22c918ee594c)
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Is this scenario is an AIO node or ..!! Try stacking once, being cinder disabled, if cinder service is not required for the scenario.Once this gets completed successfully give a try with cinder enabled.Also check with service-endpoints.

Praveen N gravatar imagePraveen N ( 2015-02-15 14:48:14 -0500 )edit

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answered 2015-02-15 04:36:32 -0500

Moe gravatar image

I think you have multiple endpoints in your keystone database for cinder:


keystone service-list
keystone endpoint-list

for each service there would be a record there multiple records for a service ou should find out which one is valid and is operational right now using

keystone catalog

to find out about the valid one

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