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hphelion bare metal - undercloud installed, overcloud nodes not getting dhcp address

asked 2015-02-13 16:29:04 -0500

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Hello, Ive been trying for a LONG time to get hp helion installed which is a tripleo deployment.

I have the seed and undercloud node up and running. The installer script then goes to setup the next 6 nodes, 3 controller nodes (mgmt0, controller0, controller1), a single swift node, and a single nova compute node. The script was failing with a 'no suitable host found' type of a message. After some debugging i found that the undercloud node was not responding to dhcp requests from the bare metal nodes that are trying to pxeboot. using TCP dump i can see the DHCP requests coming into the undercloud node.. the config files in /var/run/neutron/dhcp directory look correct. The pxe boot images iwth the right MAC addresses look correct.

So for some reason it seems the DHCP request comes in, but the agent (which shows to be running via ps -ef|grep dhcp) is not responding. Is there a way to tell what interface the DHCP server is bound to? Or any other way to troubleshoot this?



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answered 2015-02-13 22:29:45 -0500

Check /etc/default/dhcp3server - you're looking for the DHCPDARGS configuration value. This should tell you if dhcpd is being forced to listen on a specific interface(s).

Also check your dhcpd.conf - there should be a valid 'subnet' configuration stanza for whatever subnet your overcloud is on. :)

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