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Hi everyone, I'm using the Havana release and I can see from the $PYTHONDIR/nova/openstack/common/ that the default loggers level are:

  • 'amqplib=WARN',
  • 'sqlalchemy=WARN',
  • 'boto=WARN',
  • 'suds=INFO',
  • 'keystone=INFO',
  • 'eventlet.wsgi.server=WARN'

From the web page of the Juno release, I can see other default logger levels:

  • amqp=WARN,
  • amqplib=WARN,
  • boto=WARN,
  • qpid=WARN,
  • sqlalchemy=WARN,
  • suds=INFO,
  • oslo.messaging=INFO,
  • iso8601=WARN,
  • requests.packages.urllib3.connectionpool=WARN,
  • urllib3.connectionpool=WARN, websocket=WARN,
  • keystonemiddleware=WARN,
  • routes.middleware=WARN,
  • stevedore=WARN

So, the possible loggers are the ones that are listed in the configuration files, or there are other loggers that are not listed there? How can I find them?

I ask this, because I set debug = True and in the log files I can see that the messages come from modules like nova.api.openstack.wsgi, qpid.messaging, nova.osapi_compute.wsgi.server, nova.openstack.common.rpc.amqp etc..

I don't unsertand which logger print what type of message. For example, to remove all the debug messages that comes from the module nova.openstack.common.rpc.amqp, which logger level do I need to change? ampq or ampqlib? And if I want the nova.api.openstack.wsgi but not nova.osapi_compute.wsgi.server? It's not clear hot to control them and where they come from.

My problem is that I need to find several information by the logs, so I set the option debug=True but now I receive too much prints in the log files. The log files are constantly growing. I need to select only some of them. For instance I need to suppress the messages that come from, nova.openstack.common.rpc..., nova.osapi_compute.wsgi.server, etc..

but I need to store the debug messages that come from nova.api.openstack.wsgi, nova.compute.api,nova.scheduler.filter_scheduler, nova.virt, nova.openstack.common.processutils, etc..

So my questions are:

  1. Are there more loggers than the default list includes?
  2. For every logger that you know, what messages and from what modules does it print?
  3. If I set the debug=True, are all the loggers level = debug automatically, or the log levels specified in the default_log_levels configuration option (in nova.conf) are not changed?

For more information about my doubts, please, ask me. Thank you a lot!

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answered 2015-02-13 11:17:18 -0600

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What is the list of ALL the possible loggers of Nova?

I don't think there's an easy way to generate one.

I think your best plan is to start with --debug, use grep to find the information you're looking for, and then set the logging for that specific logger to debug so that in the future you're only getting debug level messages from that one specific component.

Once you have the logger name, you should in theory (I have not tested this) be able to set a log level specifically using default_log_levels:

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I don't know from the log files which logger prints a certain log line. For each line, it's written what component it refers to, but it's unclear what logger manages it. For examples, what is the logger name for these: nova.api.openstack.wsgi, routes.middleware, nova.compute.api?

agardiman gravatar imageagardiman ( 2015-02-15 04:31:38 -0600 )edit

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