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how to create VNF like vRouter on openstack

asked 2015-02-13 00:18:59 -0500

Bharath gravatar image

updated 2015-02-13 00:42:22 -0500

jtaguinerd gravatar image

I have been hearing NFV and how it provisions Network functions in cloud environment.

As a new-bee, I want to understand some basic questions.

Is it possible to create a virtual router with out actually having a router in place using Openstack?

If so, what needs to be done in high level perspective for a simple use case such as "Providing a virtual router functionality on Openstack installed basic environment say on a laptop."

All the info that I have read till now on NFV is purely theoretical and I could not see any demonstrations of simple use cases.

Request you to please throw some light on the queries provide pointers for further study on how to achieve NFV.

Thank you

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answered 2015-07-06 08:34:46 -0500

ramprasvm gravatar image

Hi, Please follow below links for deploying 'ARNO' the first of OPNFV releases:

OPNFV Installation instructions for the Arno release of OPNFV when using Fuel as a deployment tool

OPNFV User Guide for the Arno release

hope this helps


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answered 2015-07-07 02:28:26 -0500

Soumiyajit gravatar image

Most of the NFV related documents are theoretical bcoz their is not hard and fast rule to follow them strictly. They are just standard one has to meet. But implementations are use case dependent.

To answer your question in one line you cannot have a vrouter without actually having a router in place. In most of the cases we use a proprietary router image and we boot them in openstack with a little bit changes here and their!!


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