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How to change keystone policy?

asked 2015-02-12 16:28:32 -0600

anonymous user


I made a few changes to keystone policy.json and even the changed the horizons keystone_policy.json, but my changes are not applied to horizon.

For example : I changed identity:list_users: admin_required to identity:list_users: prof, prof is a new role that I create. This change in permission works only when on CLI but not horizon . When I click on the user tab it throws an error saying You are not authorized.

Any help in solving this problem is greatly appreciated thanks

PS : I am running openstack juno with keystone v3

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That is keystone v3 operations. Is your horizion configured to use keystone v3

Haneef Ali gravatar imageHaneef Ali ( 2015-02-12 17:57:29 -0600 )edit

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answered 2015-02-12 23:11:43 -0600

1-Cloud gravatar image

Please follow this link, this link will helps you.

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answered 2015-02-12 20:29:36 -0600

nethawk gravatar image

see this link,it will help you.

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