What are the biggest security challenges in OpenStack Neutron? [closed]

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I am almost finished a Masters program, I am currently writing the Dissertation, the topic and focus is around SDN security, threat mitigation in SDN and possibly a little bit of digital forensics.

I am reaching out to the OpenStack developers close to the project to see is there an area within the Neutron Project that needs some focused attention or research over the next 12 weeks or is there known areas of neutron or SDN known to be weak that needs improved.

It would be great if I could align my research to what is relevant to the industry, and that my research findings and code are useful for the Neutron or general SDN code bases.

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A little quick to close my question @larsks . Is this not the place to ask questions about OpenStack?

To focus my time and research I need to understand from people close to the project what are the big issues they see and then help with those

Lismore gravatar imageLismore ( 2015-02-12 10:06:45 -0500 )edit