Possible to reach VMs via private IP? [closed]

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Hi all,

We have an openstack folsom environment with the dual-networking setup, one router (for our whole office) services our floating IPs, while another, isolated one lets the VMs talk to each other over a separate private IP network.

We run a cassandra cluster on this environment, and it works great. We can reach each cassandra node from any of our laptops on our main network and it reaches it over the public (floating) IP. The problem is the new datastax client doesn't like this - it assumes you're talking over the same IPs as the nodes use to talk to each other, which of course is the private IP.

My question is, is it possible to route our requests from our laptops directly to the private IPs of the instances, and if so, how?

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The version of OpenStack that this is opened against has been declared EOL as per http://releases.openstack.org/ Please open a new issue if you are still seeing this problem with a more recent, supported version of OpenStack. Thanks.

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