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failed delete cinder

asked 2015-02-12 01:16:43 -0500

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I have a stack that contains the below resources: nova-server,cinder-volume,volume-attach and flot-ip.

Sometimes when I try to delete the stack it's failed on delete cinder ( volume ). In dashboard the volume in status In-Use but not attached to anyone.

in nova-compute.log I see the below error

ERROR nova.compute.manager [req-3520f25c-b5a1-440a-9b57-8bbd101da735 3a4b320c214a43f38b8827fc9fdf3d89 6e2d443f74c3467f9bf238ca3f23ba63] [instance: b35bad40-245e-45ac-84d5-5e5895fef86f] Failed to detach volume 9dc8fe05-47e8-4ac5-bf5d-0bf13b542680 from /dev/sdb

Do I need to do something before I delete the stack ?

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answered 2015-03-06 17:59:08 -0500

If you are using LVM with ISCSI connections its likely you are severing the connection to the target before it can gracefully detach. Basically detach the volume prior to deleting the instance, then the volume will be in an available state, remember you can only delete a volume which is in an available state.

If the volume is stuck in detaching or error i'd recommend trying 'cinder reset-state --state available $volid' or following the suggestions mentioned here

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