how we can write an api in openstack

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I want to add new features to opestack load balancer (HA proxy).Is there is any way to write your own api and integrate with open stack.

what I want from load balancer is 1. It should be able to tell how much data has been transfered to a particular server of the pool. 2. No of hits on the particular server 3. Get information about memory and cpu usage consumed by the running(load generator) application

Thanks in advance

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answered 2015-02-10 04:32:55 -0500

NoNoNoo gravatar image

There is already a openstack project called Ceilometer ( ) and its main goal is collect measurements of the utilization of the physical and virtual resources of openstack infrastructures.

It has several metrics already implemented for example memory and cpu usage of a instance, network metrics of a instance and so more.

You could follow the following roadmap:

  • Install ceilometer on your infrastructure ( ) and verify which metrics are already collected by default
  • Try to verify if there are already some integration between ceilometer and LBaaS (for example I found )
  • Search documentation related to add custom metrics on ceilometer in order to avoid to "reinventing the wheel"
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