Error:while performing live migration of instance from one ubuntu server to another ubuntu server.. [closed]

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In openstack grizzly i have given the following command nova live-migration instance-name server-name eventhough i have added the below line in nova.conf file error is coming..* live_migration_flag=VIR_MIGRATE_UNDEFINE_SOURCE,VIR_MIGRATE_PEER2PEER,VIR_MIGRATE_LIVE Error is: ERROR(Forbidden):Policy doen't allow compute_extension:admin_actions:migrate:Live to be performed(HTTP 403)

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you need to edit your question and provide more details, plus try to format it properly. Are you really running grizzly? and is the nova client also of the same old times?

smaffulli gravatar imagesmaffulli ( 2015-02-09 16:52:01 -0600 )edit

This question is about a version of OpenStack which has been EOL'ed. Closing.

rbowen gravatar imagerbowen ( 2016-12-07 15:54:57 -0600 )edit