Cannot create instance: Cannot Find ext4 filesystem on compute node?

asked 2015-02-09 08:50:35 -0600

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I am having an issue with my compute node the moment I launch an instance. Regardless of whether I launch via ephemeral storage or a bootable volume it ends up going into error as well as displaying an error message on the compute node stating that it cannot find the ext4 filesystem.

See hee: Error Message

I am not sure why I keep getting this issue. I have already set up two compute nodes using the video tutorials thinking I missed a step or misconfigured something but the issue remains.

Not sure what to do. This appears to show a similar issue, but no solution.

Also, I do not see the libvirt service running when I do a nova-manage service list this is what I see

Similar Issue from

Is the node configuration (drive configuration in particular) require a special configuration that I missed

Here are my configuration files (if it helps):

Controller Node:

nova.conf :

Compute Node:

nova.conf :

If you all need any more info just let me know. Any help, would be greatly appreciated.

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