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Can I use openstack for self service provisioning to Physical Systems?

asked 2015-02-06 04:51:45 -0600

Can I use openstack for self service provisioning to Physical Systems? I want to manage all the virtual and physical systems through one single management interface.

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answered 2015-02-06 07:47:38 -0600

NoNoNoo gravatar image

Ironic is the name of the openstack project used to manage bare-metal server Here there is an installation guide

Here there is the status of the project reported from the first link:

Ironic was first available as an Incubated project in the "Icehouse" release. The following "Juno" release saw improved integration with Nova, as well as many stability and feature improvements. Ironic is officially Integrated with OpenStack beginning with the "Kilo" release.

Icehouse, 2014.1: Juno, 2014.2:

Information on the status of Ironic's test suite can be found here:

For a list of current drivers and the status of their CI testing, see the wiki page we maintain and the Stackalytics page which tracks third-party CI

In my experience I haven't see yet Ironic implemented in any commercial distribution of Openstack. It is used by HP Helion but only for compute node deploy.

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