Hi all, My Software devstack: all in one VM running Ubuntu. Returning error ResourceNotFoundException.

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I have been using devstack for few weeks now and stumbled on this issue which need to clear for my understanding..

I have configured devstack and I am able to create instance etc. Using the nova APIs I have am able to list-images etc. I can also do #nova availability-zone-list which returns

Name Status

nova Available

When I try to get the zones from jclouds

... ... ...

ComputeServiceContext context = ContextBuilder.newBuilder(provider) .credentials(username,password)

.endpoint(endpoint) .buildView(ComputeServiceContext.class);

compute = context.getComputeService(); nova = context.unwrap(); zones = nova.getApi().getConfiguredZones();

..... ..... .....

I get a ResourceNotFoundException..I have attached the complete details in the gist below..

My question is if I available-zone-list returns valid value, should I get the same from getConfiguredZones() and if yes, why does jclouds APIs returns ResourceNotFoundException.

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It would be helpful if you can check the nova-api logs (for this API request) and provide them, so that someone can help you out.

unmesh-gurjar gravatar imageunmesh-gurjar ( 2013-10-16 23:16:13 -0600 )edit