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HI all,

Just want to know the high level feature provided by heat Orchestration. After following the heat wiki , i have found below features.

·   OpenStack Orchestration
·   Orchestration of all Infrastructure resources(servers, floating ips, volumes, security groups, users etc)
·   Relationships between resources (for example, server2 must deploy only after server1 etc)
·   Manages whole lifecycle of the application - when you need to change your infrastructure, simply modify the template and use it to update your existing stack
·   Templates integrate well with software configuration management tools such as Puppet and Chef
·   Cinder (Block service) : Creation and attachment of volume to a VM
·   Glance (Image service): Uploading,and registering with glance service
·   Neutron(Network service): net/subnet/port vrouter Orchestration, loadbalancer,vpn,firewall,metering  Orchestration, security Group Orchestration
·   Nova: Server Orchestration, Dyanmic Flavor, server Group
·   Ceilometer: Autoscaling service
·   Heat: 
o    Resource Access Policy - Resources that users are allowed to access
o   Auto scaling Group - An autoscaling group that can scale arbitrary resources.
o   CloudConfig - A configuration resource for representing cloud-init cloud-config.
o   Instance Group
o   MultipartMime - a collection of software configurations as a multi-part mime message.
o   ScalingPolicy
o   SoftwareComponent - describing and storing a software component.
o   SoftwareConfig -  Describing and storing a software component.
o   SoftwareDeployment - associates a server with some configuration which is to be deployed to that serve
o   Etc….

if some one knows any missing feature, then post it.

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