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metadata-api restart failed

asked 2013-10-16 05:18:58 -0600

Anand TS gravatar image

updated 2014-01-22 15:12:21 -0600

Evgeny gravatar image

When I tried to create a volume from horizon-->volume it ends up with an error. I checked whether any nova-service is down. All are up and working fine.

I manually tried to restart each and every services by /etc/init.d/openstack/nova-(services) restart, but nova-metadata-api is showing failed when restarting.

but I can crate images, launch instances, able to take ssh. What could be the problem??

Regards, Anand

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AFAIK, the volume creation error has nothing to do with the metadata-api service start up error. Are you using nova-volume or cinder? Please provide the nova-volume/cinder-volume service log at the time of volume creation. Also, please provide the nova-metadata-api service error logs.

unmesh-gurjar gravatar imageunmesh-gurjar ( 2013-10-16 23:26:15 -0600 )edit

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answered 2013-10-22 16:15:51 -0600

As I know you shouldn't run metadata-api on the same host as nova-api. The metadata service is implemented by either the nova-api service or the nova-api-metadata service.

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answered 2013-10-18 02:03:18 -0600

sngirame gravatar image

Check if you have following setting in nova.conf [DEFAULT] & restart nova-api


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Also check if you have Cinder user created

sngirame gravatar imagesngirame ( 2013-10-18 02:04:13 -0600 )edit

When I tried to restart nova metadata service I am getting this. #/etc/init.d/openstack-nova-metadata-api restart Stopping openstack-nova-metadata-api: [FAILED] Starting openstack-nova-metadata-api: [ OK ] In my nova.conf file enabled_apis=ec2,osapi_compute,metadata I am getting this when check the status, [root@bfsiopenstack ~]# /etc/init.d/openstack-nova-metadata-api status openstack-nova-metadata-api dead but pid file exists What can be the issue. I am able to create volume through horizon-->projects-->volume. I am using cinder volume as i got this when I give command , [root@bfsiopenstack ~]# cinder list +--------------------------------------+-----------+--------------+------+-------------+----------+-------------+ | ID | Status | Display Name | Size | Volume Type | Bootable | Attached to | +--------------------------------------+-----------+--------------+------+-------------+----------+-------------+ | 1256a381-8ab8-4fc4-bc93-451bc8bfd4a8 | available | test | 10 | None | false | | +--------------------------------------+-----------+--------------+------+-------------+----------+-------------+

Anand TS gravatar imageAnand TS ( 2013-10-21 06:55:28 -0600 )edit

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