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Cloud Config and user-data file problem

asked 2013-10-15 14:52:29 -0500

vladber gravatar image

I ran these commands to verify the cloud-init functionality for my Fedora 19 instance :

  1. Created a new user-data file with the following content:


Your cloud config file must always start with this first line, indicating that you want CloudInit to interpret this user-data as a cloud config configuration

We can run some bash script commands for example

runcmd: - [ echo, "Done by CloudInit!" ]

  1. Launched the instance :

#nova boot --image fedora-19.x86_64 --flavor m1.small --key_name demo --nic net-id=2ce608df-39ed-4ae0-ad78-5785c3177e76 --meta cern-services=false --user_data /root/user-data --security_groups sec1 FC19

I expected that after the instance was booted I do not find any records in the /var/log/boot.log from cloud-init service .

Why ?

I see a lot of messages while the instance boots up and tries to connect to some http url . I suspect that some aditional cloud-init client side settings should be configured .But which ones ?

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answered 2013-11-13 21:48:11 -0500

fifieldt gravatar image

Hi, If you're seeing a lot of logs from cloud-init trying to connect to - chances are there could be a problem with your OpenStack metadata service. Ensure it's running and accessible from the network.

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