(Fuel) Deploy openstack on 2 nics without vlans

asked 2015-02-03 02:50:19 -0600

cubusbacau gravatar image


I'm trying to deploy an OpenStack cluster on 3 nodes (1 controller, 2 compute/storage). My nodes all have only 2 nics and the switch can't be configured with vlan tags. I tried to setup networks without vlans but Fuel complains that you cannot deploy untagged networks on same interface. I deployed them with vlan tagging, it doesn't work, then i manually removed ips from br-mgmt and moved them to br-fw-admin, same for routes and everything works.

Is there a way to tell Fuel to deploy node with multiple ips on same bridge (no vlan tags)? Since it physically works, should be possible for a smaller scale cluster with "restricted" hardware.

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