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why does my xen hypervisor show 0 vcpus from domu?

asked 2013-10-15 11:21:28 -0500

Rich Harkins gravatar image

I'm using the easy install script ( ) but when I try to fire up a VM I get a "Error: No valid host was found." My best guess as to why that's happening is that when I look at the hypervisor screen I see "VCPU Usage Used 1 of 0". My machine has 4 cores and I configured the DomU to only use 1 (in an effort to troubleshoot this).

I've been forward and back through the instructions but I'm lost as to what I might have missed...

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answered 2013-11-12 09:31:38 -0500

Bob Ball gravatar image

This is likely to be a result of bug - a change is needed in OpenStack to correctly report the vCPUs.

However, note that you can theoretically have any number of vCPUs on a host - it doesn't matter how many physical ones you have - so the reporting doesn't make a lot of sense for XenServer.

In terms of the error for no valid host found, I suggest you look at the nova compute logs (set up DevStack with SCREEN_LOGDIR) - there is likely to be an error in there. You might need to upload the logs to and submit a question on this to the openstack email list.

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