How does neutron server schedule or allocate routers to l3 agent on compute node in dvr mode?

asked 2015-01-31 04:59:02 -0500

wilence-yao gravatar image

Since dvr has been implementation in openstack juno, l3 agents run on every compute node now. In my opinion, rules in the router should be scheduled to correct l3 agent to exec iptables commands. For example, tenant A has a network net1 on compute node cn1, net1 contains some vms. net1 connects to public network throw a routeri r1. Now A add some rules on the router such as nat and so on. When he actually request from CLI to neutron server, the neutron server should choose the correct l3 agent to response the request. In this case it is obvious that the router is r1 and the l3 agent is the one on cn1. I want konw the process of the neutron choosing the correct l3 agent. In which part of neutron code can I find the answer. By the way, do you know some docs reference to this question?

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