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how to access VM from controller and compute node

asked 2015-01-31 04:08:06 -0500

Queen gravatar image

I have installed openstack with two nodes (controller + compute) on different machines.I have created VM s on each node .There are two nova- compute .I have created VMs through controller node.

Now my question how do i able to access or view the VMs created on compute node through machine on which compute node is deployed…Could plz help me solve this query.Thanx in advance.

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answered 2015-01-31 04:29:41 -0500

dbaxps gravatar image
If you have problem with dashboard noVNC console access, install Virt-manager on any your node.  When starting Virt-manager connects to any Qemu local or remote and provide access to  VNC console  of any of your VMs. I presume, that you are working with KVM Hypervisor on Compute Nodes (Qemu/Libvirt)
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answered 2015-01-31 07:39:32 -0500

yatin gravatar image

updated 2015-01-31 07:41:27 -0500

If you have installed openstack-dashboard(horizon) then you can access your VMs from any node(controller, compute or any other that can access horizon). If you have problem in accessing the console of the VM, this shows that nova-novncproxy is not configured properly or is not running. check on controller node that nova-novncproxy and nova-consoleauth are running.

ps -e | grep nova-novncproxy
ps -e | grep nova-consoleauth

Also verify nova on compute and controller node is configured properly. On controller node check below configuration exist or not, if not then add as per your system configuration:

my_ip = <controller_node_ip>
vncserver_listen = <controller_node_ip>
vncserver_proxyclient_address = <controller_node_ip>

On compute node: verify following configuration

my_ip = <compute_node_ip>
vnc_enabled = True
vncserver_listen =
vncserver_proxyclient_address = <compute_node_ip>
novncproxy_base_url = http://<controller_node_ip or hostname>:6080/vnc_auto.html

restart nova services on controller and compute node.

If you want to check locally on compute node which vms are running and want to access them, use virsh CLI or virt-manager as directed by @dbaxps

virsh list


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