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ceph osd map output weird

asked 2015-01-30 05:37:39 -0500

This is weird, no matter what I typed the object name (even the object is not existing), ceph osd map still got output with PG number!?
ceph osd map is supposed to find pg for object in pool
See below:
Does it a known bug?
Or it will calculate the PG if an object is not existed in the pool

root@ceph_mon01# ceph osd map mypool hellothisisodd
 osdmap e782991 pool 'mypool' (22) object 'hellothisisodd' -> pg 22.3dc0d6fd (22.16fd) -> up ([4,13,8], p4) acting ([4,13,8], p4)


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answered 2015-01-30 12:40:16 -0500

yatin gravatar image

Hi brucelok, Its not a bug, before storing any object in a pool, Ceph maps the object to a placement group. After the object is stored, you can find the placement group of the object using the same command. Its because no table is maintained to locate objects in ceph. Its the CRUSH which is used to compute the location of an object, by providing PoolId (it is found out automatically when you pass the pool name) and the object name.


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