How to move from KVM to LXC? [closed]

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Dear all,

We have an Havana Openstack development server that was setup to use KVM as the libvirt driver. I now want to move to LXC but I'm having trouble with it so I was hoping someone could clarify a few things for me.

Here are my questions: - in order to setup LXC, I changed the "virt_type" to lxc, installed lxc and restarted openstack-nova-compute on all my compute nodes. Is this all we need to do?

  • can I instantiate snapshot images that were created from KVM instances in LXC? Do I need to convert them first in any way? I also tried to instantiate the cirros image without success.

  • I'm getting an error message that states that "variable 'domain' referenced before assignment" popup in Horizon when I try to instantiate a VM. (I found a known bug for a similar problem) but I'm not 100% sure it is the same issue and I highly doubt that I have to upgrade to Icehouse to fix this? I?

Any thoughts?

Thank you,

Luis Silva

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