Horizon throws unauthorized 403 error for cloud admin in domain setup

asked 2015-01-23 21:19:04 -0600

sumanth19911231 gravatar image

I have a devstack running following components 1.keystone 2.heat 3.nova 4.horizon 5.cinder

For this open stack setup I wanted to enable domain feature, define admin boundaries. To enable the domains, these changes were made : 1. Changed the token format from PKI to UUID 2. added auth_version = v3.0 under [auth_token:fillter] section of all the api-paste.ini file of all the services 3. updated the endpoints to point to v3 4. restarted all the services 5. Changed the default keystone policy.json with policy.v3sample.json and set the admin_domain_id to default

I horizons local_settings.py file 1. set the OPENSTACK_KEYSTONE_MULTIDOMAIN_SUPPORT to True 2. updated the enpoint to point to localhost:5000/v3

after all these changes when I try to login into the default domain with admin credentials , i get ubale retirve domain list , unable retrive project list errors horizons dashboard.

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