detach glusterfs from openstack

asked 2015-01-22 12:01:23 -0500

Marco Marino gravatar image

Hi, i'm using openstack havana with 12 compute nodes, 2 controllers (HA) and 2 network nodes. On the controllers there is a mount point in /glance and i'm using glusterfs. In /etc/glance/glance-api.conf i've changed: - filesystem_store_datadir - scrubber_datadir - image_cache_dir it works well, but now i need to umount glusterfs (for upgrade, downtime is recommended here -> Gluster Upgrade) So i would like to move all content of /glance in /var/lib/glance and change again /etc/glance/glance-api.conf. I've done, but when i try to download some of the images (glance image-download "Image name") i've a NotFound error. Checking the glance database, i discovered that image_locations table is wrong. The field "value" is not updated for each record (some are correct, and download works well). Why this happens? Should i mantain the same path even after umounting gluster (/glance and not /var/lib/glance)? Why some image_locations are updated?

I need to do the same for openstack-nova-compute. i have /nova as mount point for gluster. It is possible copy /nova/instances/<instance_id_folder *="" in="" var="" lib="" nova="" instances="" <instance_id_folder=""> and change state_path and lock_path in /etc/nova/nova.conf? Which files and folders should i copy locally to the compute node? There are other solutions for this problem?


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