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Add compute node with RDO: Could not start Service[nova-compute]compute [closed]

asked 2015-01-22 00:39:26 -0500

xqzhou gravatar image

Hi ALL: I Add Compute Node reference (

but have some error like this:
ERROR : Error appeared during Puppet run:

Error: Could not start Service[nova-compute]: Execution of '/usr/bin/systemctl start openstack-nova-compute' returned 1: Job for openstack-nova-compute.service failed. See 'systemctl status openstack-nova-compute.service' and 'journalctl -xn' for details. You will find full trace in log /var/tmp/packstack/20150122-141706-NcnVSo/manifests/ Please check log file /var/tmp/packstack/20150122-141706-NcnVSo/openstack-setup.log for more information

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answered 2015-01-22 00:46:52 -0500

xqzhou gravatar image

Hi: I install this compute node on CentOS 7.0 and system run on VirtrulBox 4.3. in nova.log:

2015-01-22 14:46:09.712 11412 INFO nova.virt.driver [-] Loading compute driver 'libvirt.LibvirtDriver' 2015-01-22 14:46:09.747 11412 INFO oslo.messaging._drivers.impl_rabbit [req-17c3c161-ebc5-4814-b098-1cf6128f5c1f ] Connecting to AMQP server on 2015-01-22 14:46:09.761 11412 ERROR oslo.messaging._drivers.impl_rabbit [req-17c3c161-ebc5-4814-b098-1cf6128f5c1f ] AMQP server on is unreachable: [Errno 113] EHOSTUNREACH. Trying again in 1 seconds. 2015-01-22 14:46:10.762 11412 INFO oslo.messaging._drivers.impl_rabbit [req-17c3c161-ebc5-4814-b098-1cf6128f5c1f ] Delaying reconnect for 1.0 seconds...

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