How to create multiple Instances across multiple Availability Zones

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Hi guys,

This must be a simple one. I am a little lost here, trying to control instance placement and not really understanding how it works by reading docs.

I have an application that will have 4 Instances created for . I want them to be placed in different Availability Zones.

Here is my setup. I have 8 compute nodes, 4 Availability Zones (different racks).

AZ-1: compute1 compute2 AZ-2: compute3 compute4 AZ-3: compute5 compute6 AZ-4: compute7 compute8

Is there a recommended way/scheduler/filter to boot instances balanced across multiple Availability zones without explicitly saying which AZ to use. ?

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It is hard to believe, nobody had such need before. Any comments suggestions are appreciated. Come on guys, let's brainstorm.

mtecer gravatar imagemtecer ( 2013-10-16 12:52:28 -0600 )edit

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answered 2013-10-20 22:47:27 -0600

Set AZ is the easiest way, or try AggregateTypeAffinityFilter

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