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How to assign a fixed ip (external net) with a prefixed MAC address to a server ?

asked 2015-01-20 20:03:32 -0500

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I have installed OpenStack-Icehouse using all-in-one RDO packstack.It is working properly with an internal network( and an external network (private network: I need access to a nova server from the public internet address( So I configured the second external network with activating the second neutron-l3-agent following (here:'OpenStack Configuration Reference - havana').

Then, I configured a router(pubRouter with its ip address for routing outgoing traffic from the sever to the internet. It also works well. Next I associated a floating ip address( to the server. However, I can not get access(ping) to from a host in the same network segment.

Since our public network( requires registration of MAC address without overlapping, I can not use floating point IP which responds with the same MAC address of pubRouter. Then I want to assign a fixed IP to the server with a prefixed MAC address. I tried to assign it by the followoing procedure.

neutron port-create --tenant-id 1007ff49f7224c818ad7f5c1fd4510dc --mac-address 00:0c:29:bc:7e:91 --fixed-ip subnet_id=extLan2, --security-group batch_server ExternalNet2

nova interface-attach --port-id 750c6c90-4f4f-46c5-9883-5deab555a3e2 LBS-1

Openstack configured the port and attached it to the server:LBS-1, and shows the right information in the dashboard. Unfortunately, It does not work. I checked it by

   (no response)
arp -a ( at 00:1a:64:c1:bc:f4 [ether] on em1 ( at <incomplete> on em1
   - - - - - - - - -

No MAC address is assigned properly to the port. Then, I cannot ping from a host in the same network segment. How can I do to solve the problem ?

Software versions: packstack Icehouse 2014.1.1dev1258, neutron 2.3.4, ovs-vsctl (Open vSwitch) 2.1.3
The draft network diagram is shown below.

 ExternalNet     ExternalNet2
        |                  |                         
        |                  |                                      |       
        |                  |-----------xxx.213-----{pubRouter}----|
        |                  |                                      | 
        |                  |                                      | 
        |                  |-----------xxx.214------[ LBS-1 ]-----|
        |                  |                          server      |
        |                  |                                      |
        |                  |                                      |
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answered 2015-08-04 02:37:47 -0500

theTelik gravatar image

Hi have you solved the issue ? I am facing similar problem. We have in out network IP assigned to MAC by admins, so in order to make openstack VMs visible in the network we have to assign them with MAC, but the neutron API doesn't have such option.

I'am wondering if floating IP's port can be updated with MAC.

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