What is the status of the TOSCA integration with Heat?

asked 2015-01-20 05:10:38 -0600

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I would like to deploy TOSCA templates on our private OpenStack cloud. I am aware of a github project that develops a translator for TOSCA to HOT: https://github.com/openstack/heat-translator (heat-translator). According to an answer to another https://ask.openstack.org/en/question/25881/does-heat-templates-follow-pure-tosca-specification/ (question), there were vague plans to natively support TOSCA templates within Heat, but I am not able to find anything on the status. Can anybody clearify?

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answered 2015-01-26 14:16:20 -0600

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heat-translator is the only official OpenStack project working towards compatibility between Heat and TOSCA. At present it operates purely on the client side; as it matures it may or may not eventually be incorporated into the Heat server itself. There are no concrete plans for when that might happen.

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