https for juno to do an external authentication

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hi people,

in my test environment (openstack juno on centos7)i would try to set the https for the authentication(to obtain a external authetication with my existent idp based on shibboleth), but i'm not sure about the procedure.

I have read some documentations on the web, like these:






and except mistake, i think that what's i need to do this, is follow those steps:

  1. Make the dashboard in https to crypt the comunication, following the link "A" (indipendent from the authentication method)
  2. Expose the keystone endpoints in https and in v3 version, following the link "D" which at this moment are like default in v2 version (the others services are not fundamental...right?)
  3. Set keystone to work with my idp like showed at link "E"!

If i'm on a wrong way, please somebody stop me, and if possible indicate the right way

Thanks a lot,


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