Neutron error: Policy doesn't allow create_port to be performed

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Dear all,

I'm using Cloudify 2.7.1 with Openstack Icehouse. In the Cloudify's cloud driver I have commented the cloudNetwork section and enabled the computeNetwork section inserting an existing network "public-net":

computeNetwork{ networks (["public-net"]) }

This network has two subnets: public-subnet-1 and public-subnet-2. All was working until there was only one subnet "public-subnet-1". Since it was added the "public-subnet-2" I receive the following error while trying to bootstrap the Management VM:

Attempting Cloudify Management VM provisioning.


GET http://NEUTRON_IP:9696/v2.0/networks?name=public-net (http://NEUTRON_IP:9696/v2.0/networks?...)


{"networks": [{"status": "ACTIVE", "subnets": ["303dfae5-5fef-4b4f-bef6-f990c69927c9", "e8a4c947-0b00-42d0-b692-921e9590edb7"], "name": "public-net", "router:external": false, "tenant_id": "57f427029f1a45cc862a0c1321fd5ff6", "admin_state_up": true, "shared": true, "id": "a57813c5-c531-4233-a65e-35d99739cf56"}]}

POST http://NEUTRON_IP:9696/v2.0/ports

{"NeutronError": {"message": "Policy doesn't allow create_port to be performed.", "type": "PolicyNotAuthorized", "detail": ""}}

Have you some suggestions on how to resolve the problem, please?


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