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Require users to enter API key to change security in Horizon

asked 2015-01-12 14:19:15 -0500

jeffrey-olsen gravatar image

Two questions:

1 - Is it possible to password protect the Security tab in Horizon? I know it can be disabled based on the user permissions but I can see a scenario when a low level user may need to access. It would protect someone from making changes to an unattended PC.

2 - This is related to the question above. Instead of using passwords, could users be assigned API keys for authentication within Horizon. Similar to what Rackspace does for various authentication points in their control panel?

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Do you know the steps follwed by Rackspace to do this? What algorithm they are supporting to generate public/private keys?

Ranjit gravatar imageRanjit ( 2015-01-14 00:15:02 -0500 )edit

Not sure. I can do some research and see if I can dig anything up.

jeffrey-olsen gravatar imagejeffrey-olsen ( 2015-01-14 00:46:01 -0500 )edit

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answered 2015-01-14 00:13:45 -0500

Ranjit gravatar image

Hi, For second question: Since keystone is authentication service so authentication via API keys should be implemented in keystone. Not sure whether it's is present or not in keystone as a service extension. If not, then file a blueprint for this.

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