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Account Quota Issue with swift

asked 2015-01-08 11:02:24 -0600

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I have a working cluster of swift in openstack icehoue version. I am trying to enable account quota to my accounts and I have enabled it one of following account as on the screenshot.image description

I have set the Meta Quota-Bytes 10000 and in the stat command the quota has been enabled.

I tried to upload a file which exceeds the quota size. But unfortunately it got uploaded. It is Illustrated on the below screenshot.

image description.

I have enabled the container-quotas filter under proxy-server.conf as follows.

use = egg:swift#container_quotas

Kindly help me to sort out this.

Kind Regards,

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answered 2015-01-09 03:15:58 -0600

fifieldt gravatar image

updated 2015-01-09 03:16:11 -0600


As you want to use account-level quotas, you also need to ensure that account-quotas is in your proxy server pipeline:

In: etc/swift/proxy-server.conf

pipeline = catch_errors healthcheck proxy-logging cache slo ratelimit tempauth container-quotas account-quotas proxy-logging proxy-server

use = egg:swift#account_quotas
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