2 zones one fails

asked 2015-01-08 08:24:02 -0500

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i'm having 2 storage nodes with 6 HDD per node. One node is one zone another node is zone 2. If i shutdown one storage node i can upload files but cannot download. how to make that i could access files and download them if my one node is down ?

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What exactly is a "storage node" - Give some context please! How can you / can you not upload / download. HTTP, SSH, FTP, RDB, NFS, CIFS, etc etc ?

mathias gravatar imagemathias ( 2015-01-08 10:09:46 -0500 )edit

Are you talking about object storage?

fifieldt gravatar imagefifieldt ( 2015-01-09 03:19:46 -0500 )edit

storage node where data is placed, where acount/container/object server is. Yes i'm talking about object storage, in particular openstack swift.

Aivaras gravatar imageAivaras ( 2015-01-09 03:41:13 -0500 )edit

@Aivaras try to give more details about your setup, how you installed swift, error logs. Edit the question, don't add comments as these are not very readable. Make your question as clear as possible so that people can understand it and try to answer.

smaffulli gravatar imagesmaffulli ( 2015-01-09 18:52:51 -0500 )edit