Windows 7 VM taking on IP from wrong subnet

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I have my local internal subnet of, which is what my router will assign physical machines on my network an address from. I have setup another subnet for my OpenStack instances, here:

gnychis@src-server1:~$ nova network-list
| ID                                   | Label         | Cidr          |
| fb655e7d-7824-4134-b0dc-e105a50e9326 | soroco-os-net | |

When I create a Windows 8.1 instance, it properly gets an IP from that subnet:

image description

However, when I create a Windows 7 instance, it seems to take on an IP from an incorrect subnet:

image description

I'm not sure exactly how this happens. In fact, it knows of my WINS server (that I don't think I told it about) at, almost as if it's getting a DHCP response from my router rather than being assigned through OpenStack.

My instances shows a completely different IP for it, also (a proper one!):

image description

Anyone know how to even begin debugging this? I am using nova-network, not neutron yet. Could it have learned about these IP settings when I created the image using virt-install and KVM? I can't seem to get it to forget them, even after a reboot.

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answered 2015-08-31 09:40:42 -0600

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Edit Virtual Machine Settings Select Network Adapter (in the left part of the window) Select the option as Custom: Specific Virtual Network with auto-bridging in parentheses(in the left part of the window) Click OK

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