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asked 2014-12-28 22:42:37 -0600

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I am running openstack icehouse under the 3-node architecture. Whenever I upload images they are usually 5Gbs or higher. I have gone through the trouble of setting up a web repository for my images to upload to glance via location. This is inefficient as the image must be uploaded to another server before being uploaded to the glance server. When attempting to upload the images via image file the session will timeout. I have increased the horizon timeout span to 24 hours yet the image will still be interrupted by the session, most likely due to keystone token session timeout. Is there a way to upload images via image file that will run in the background similar to the way image location does. I have researched this but have been unsuccessful in replicating presumed solutions, editing the glance.py file.

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answered 2016-09-07 07:22:17 -0600

it would be nice to have a list of timeout chains when working with, images, vm's, volumes and snapshots......

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