fwaas icmp rule created but unable to ssh into instance vm's

asked 2014-12-26 05:33:01 -0600

rajcoumar gravatar image

3 Node setup : Controller, Compute and Neutron network nodes.

  1. Controller node : Installed the Cinder, Glance, Nova api and horizon packages.

  2. Compute node : Installed nova compute and neutron server packages

  3. Network node : Installed neutron packages.

Everything working fine. Configured FWAAS also. I created two tenants (TenantA and TenantB). From TenantA created the internal networks and external networks. In TenantA, created the firewall icmp rule as deny action. I launched two instances from tenantA and tenantB. Unable to ping both instances from router or dhcp, its work fine. But unable to ssh the both instances. I want to create another rule called tcp in tenantA only. But it doesnt allow to create another firewall rule. So i created under the tenantB. But it looks the tenantA firewall rule only. I want to create multiple firewall rules within a tenantA.

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