How do I remotely access Horizon Dashboard? [closed]

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I recently installed DevStack on an old laptop running Ubuntu Server and Desktop (desktop installed on top of server). I have been able to access the Horizon Dashboard on my laptop, but I want to access it from a remote computer (running Windows but can run Linux if needed as VM). My question is, how do I access the dashboard from this external computer?

Thanks, OpenStack_User

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answered 2014-12-25 21:40:09 -0500

Just point your browser on the remote computer to the IP address of your laptop running horizon. Done!

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Wow, I can't believe it worked. I tried that prior to asking this question, and nothing came up. I think it was probably an extra slash at the end. Anyway, thanks!

OpenStack_User gravatar imageOpenStack_User ( 2014-12-25 23:40:28 -0500 )edit

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