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Instance can't communicate on network

asked 2013-10-04 09:59:09 -0500

Reaper6971 gravatar image

Howdy. I'm having problems with an instance communicating on the network. I can get an IP Address from the DHCP server on the subnet, but can't ping anything. Looking at my switches mac-address-table (cisco 3524xl) the MAC of the instance is not shown, though the machine is shown in the DHCP Leases and has the leased IP.

What I really need is advice on how to troubleshoot this. (Or just a flat answer on how to resolve it (one can hope, right?))

1x Controller - Physical box
1x Compute Node -Phyiscal Box
Both boxes have a connection to vlan666 (eth0) and vlan101 (eth1 - not used)
There is a router between vlan666 and vlan101, vlan101 leads out of the corporate network to the internet.
Both boxes can communicate on and the subnets.

Both configured using the stock Alamo iso from OpenStack.

Management & VM Networks are both the same (eth0, -- I realize this is probably dumb, and wouldn't mind fixing, but I don't know how to fix w/o burning the systems down.


##### NETWORK #####
# Send a dhcp release on instance termination (default: false)
# Send gratuitous ARPs for HA setup (default: false)
# Auto-assign floating ip to VM (default: false)

On the windows instance itself I've pulled the firewall, made sure the network is in the right location, etc.

There is a windows server 2012 DC that handles DNS & DHCP running in Server 2012 hyper-v. This device can fully communicate on

Is there some setting I need to change? Am I dumb and need to configure Eth1 as management and Eth0 as VM?

Any and all help apprecited

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So yeah, DON'T have the Management & VM networks configured to be the same subnet... this appears to break all the things...

Reaper6971 gravatar imageReaper6971 ( 2013-10-08 15:06:16 -0500 )edit

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answered 2013-10-04 12:56:42 -0500

Reaper6971 gravatar image

updated 2013-10-08 16:11:34 -0500

So yeah, DON'T have the Management & VM networks configured to be the same subnet... this appears to break all the things...

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