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i'm implementing a multi node setup of swift. At the moment all the machines will use at the moment a local closed network as replication network. In future i'll expand this cluster to a geographical one, so i cannot more use this replication network and i'll have to migrate to a new network which will allow to connect to remote sites. There is no possibility to change configuration of the current network or start directly with the new one, so my question is: can i change ip addresses used by each device for replication?

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answered 2014-12-29 21:28:16 -0500

zaitcev gravatar image

You must use secure tunneling for multi-site replication with Swift. Tunneling should keep the replication network separate. If it helps, Swift is okay with routed replication network (Ethernet broadcasts are not used). Reduced MTU of tunneling is no problem either, as long as TCP connections can discover the MTU.

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Thank you for the infos, but maybe i was not clear on my question. My question was related to changing the replication network in an existing ring configuration

remix_tj gravatar imageremix_tj ( 2014-12-30 03:10:43 -0500 )edit

This really is a problem of IP renumbering, isn't it? As such, you could take two paths: (1) all-up renumbering to the new "global" network (with a downtime), or (2) route "new" network into the "old" one and migrate node by node.

zaitcev gravatar imagezaitcev ( 2015-01-12 17:18:53 -0500 )edit

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