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block live migration in icehouse [closed]

asked 2014-12-18 18:07:09 -0500

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I was able to successful live migrate vms across two compute nodes. I used the details indicated in the below link (

Migration of VM seem to use management network, is this expected? If not how do we initiate vm migration through data plane. Please advice.


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answered 2015-01-06 06:05:27 -0500

amic gravatar image


as far as I know the destination host is specified by the hostname instead of ip address directly. The actual ip address is resolved as described in /etc/host file - changing it here and restarting networking service should do the trick.

e.g. let's assume we have 2 network interfaces (eth0 with 10.0.0.x assigned and eth1 with 192.168.0.x) on each host host-x. Records in /etc/hosts look like this: 192.168.0.x node-x node-x.domain.tld That means all traffic denoted by the hostname node-x will go through eth1 since it has assigned the ip address within the same subnetwork. Change this record to: 10.0.0.x node-x node-x.domain.tld and your traffic will go through eth0.

Note: try to keep your /etc/host records consistent across all your nodes to avoid confusion.

Hope it helps. Cheers!

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