Can Cielometer listen for REST notifications

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Hi All,

I am new to Cielometer and looking for ways to add more n/w related statistics to cielometer database, like router statistics/bandwidth details which are completely vendor dependent. Is there a way to do this, for example some plugin that listens to REST requests.

Please advice.

Regards, Dev

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answered 2014-12-18 10:46:19 -0600

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updated 2014-12-18 10:49:53 -0600

Ceilometer currently supports a few different methods for data sourcing: polling the individual service APIs, listening for service-emitted notifications, and via the POST method of the Ceilometer API. The first two methods are well-suited for collecting data from services that have access to the shared messaging bus and have the advantage of already-developed publishing mechanisms, but for a completely independent source it's feasible that the API could be used, with the caveat that the end result would be similar to directly inserting to the Ceilometer DB.

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Sure, but can we had thresholds and constraints to the user defined meter and configure alarms to be triggered? Are there some examples about how to do this. Also was looking into UDP way of publishing the meters. Are there existing autoscaling/or any solutions using this functionality?

dsrini gravatar imagedsrini ( 2014-12-18 14:41:06 -0600 )edit

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