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How to get the last samples of ceilometer

asked 2014-12-16 08:45:24 -0500

pantxo gravatar image

Hi, I'm trying to retrieve the last samples of ceilometer in order to have the instantaneous values of the diferent metrics but the most recents samples I manage to have are one hour old. It seems that ceilometer looks for the samples in OldSamples objects when I ask for ceilometer.sample_list(request, meter_name=u'cpu'). Can anybody help me to find the last samples of ceilometer measured ? (I have configured ceilometer to record the measures every minute) Thx for your help

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It seems that MongoDB does not register the samples instantaneously. The one hour latency may thus come from the RPC publisher, but I still can't find where these samples are stored during this hour and how to reduce this latency. Any lead or start of lead ? Thanks

pantxo gravatar imagepantxo ( 2014-12-30 04:45:50 -0500 )edit

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answered 2015-01-07 09:57:28 -0500

pantxo gravatar image

Ok, I've just found out that I hadn't the same timezone configuration on my computer (UTC+0100) and on openstack (UTC). So I actually had the last samples but it was the timestamp field that was wrong. Thus I've changed the timezone of openstack from the dashboard (in Parameters) and in the /etc/openstack-dashboard/ file. Nevertheless I still have a wrong timestamp associated to my samples and I don't know how to modify it...

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