create a openflow flow to untag a vlan then retag it with vlanid=0

asked 2014-12-15 16:03:45 -0600

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Hi I have a simple flow in place between 2 10gbe ports that just send packets coming in port 50 out 52 now I am creating packets with vlan IDs 1-4095 what i would like to do is pop the vlan tag they come in with 1-4095 and retag them with vlanid =0 is that possible?

ovs-ofctl add-flow br0 "in_port=50, actions=output:52" -O openflow13

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answered 2014-12-15 16:43:16 -0600

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updated 2014-12-16 08:47:45 -0600

ovs-ofctl add-flow br0 "in_port=52, action=mod_vlan_vid:101,output:50" -O openflow13

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answered 2014-12-16 23:59:03 -0600

ovs-ofctl add-flow br0 "in_port=50, action=strip_vlan,push_vlan:0x8100,11,output:52" -O openflow13

Manual says: The add-flow, add-flows, and mod-flows commands require an additional field, which must be the final field specified: actions=[action][,action...]

note it's plural - try this (untested):

ovs-ofctl add-flow br0 "in_port=50, actions=strip_vlan,push_vlan:0x8100,11,output:52" -O openflow13

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